Spotlight on Designer Asher Levine

Updated: Mar 8

American designer Asher Levine is known internationally for his distinct aesthetic, particularly for menswear, and his custom work has been ordered by everyone from Lada Gaga and Beyonce to Cirque du Soleil. His work is a mixture of structural, technical design and draping techniques always with a future-forward lean, often creating silhouettes with a bit of sci-fi appeal. We are thrilled to announce Asher Levine is joining Inside Fashion Design for a special panel presentation for Design Week Portland 2019.

Asher Levine

Future Frontiers Crossing Boundaries of Innovation, Technology and Design What does this mean for the future role of designers, makers, and brands?

Asher Levine understands innovation. Early in his career, he embraced fashion technology. He collaborated with MakerBot Industries to create the first-ever pair of 3D printed sunglasses, which then appeared on the runway during NYFW. Currently, his reimagining of the iconic biker jacket is now on display in The Museum of Modern Art’s “Items: Is Fashion Modern” Exhibit in New York. The jacket design includes safety aesthetics that wirelessly transmit the rider’s turn and brake signals, allowing the clothing to signal the rider’s movements. Light is diffused by textures inspired by microscopic images of butterfly eggs.

Asher Levines Sketch

His work is a combination of technological advancements and textile innovation. In a recent collection, Levine used cutting-edge body scanning technology and featured draped boiled wools, molded leather scales and accessories, exotic furs, and laser cut crepe silks for a mad-scientist-meets-luxe aesthetic. A few of his design hallmarks are intricate construction, molding and sculpting techniques.

Asher will be joining IFD for Design Week Portlands event; Future Frontiers. Come join us to mix and mingle, see Ashers work and hear the discussion around Fashion and Technology

The night will offer a showcase of design tools, creations, innovation, education and future technologies that enhance and empower designers, makers and brands. Who are some of the pioneers innovating in this space and how can they inspire and educate us? Will fashion and product design require creatives to work more closely with developers and engineers? Or will design tools be more diverse and accessible to all? How does technology inform sustainability? How can designers and makers stay competitive in the face of these trends? What education is needed to adapt to these evolving roles and responsibilities? Be sure to mark your calendar for:

Future Frontiers Crossing Boundaries of Innovation, Technology and Design

April 9, 2019 5:30pm–9:00pm

Including exhibit, Cocktail Hour, networking, models, Vodka Infused Ice Cream, NightWood Society food & Panel discussion. Come join us for a chance to meet and greet these talented industry leaders.

Ziba 810 NW Marshall St Portland, Oregon 97209 Click here for tickets.

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