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The Ultimate Fashion Design & Development Tool; Apparel Product Development Made Easy with ngnINE

Fashion design & development platform
Fashion design & development platform

Are you an independent designer, start-up, small business, or corporation in the apparel industry? If so, we have exciting news for you! Meet ngnINE, the ultimate fashion design & development platform designed to revolutionize how you create and develop apparel products. In this blog post, we'll dive into what ngnINE is, its incredible benefits, and who can benefit from this innovative platform. Plus, we have an exclusive offer for ifd Connect members. So keep reading to learn more!

Fashion design & development platform
Fashion design & development platform

ngnINE: A Game-Changing Product Creation Platform ngnINE is a robust platform laser-focused on product creation and development in the apparel industry. It has been meticulously designed to align with how product developers and designers work, providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

Let's explore some of the key benefits that ngnINE brings to the table:

  1. Streamlined Workflows: With ngnINE, you can consolidate all your essential tools and processes in one dedicated space. From BOMs (Bill of Materials) and specs to blocks and tech packs, ngnINE ensures that everything you need is readily accessible, improving efficiency and saving you valuable time.

  2. Enhanced Collaboration: Communicate effortlessly with your factory partners right within the workspace. ngnINE allows you to run queries like MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities), material reports, and Lab Dip requests, while also keeping test reports attached to your material items. Collaborate seamlessly and track the development cycle and progress with the built-in workflow feature.

  3. Intuitive and Easy-to-Learn: ngnINE is designed with simplicity in mind. It's user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities make it easy for anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to learn and navigate the platform effortlessly.

  4. Two Powerful Databases: At the foundation of ngnINE, you'll find two comprehensive databases. The materials database enables you to store and access all your material information efficiently. The block/pattern database allows you to save and manage your design templates, providing a solid foundation for future creations.

  5. Rapid Tech Pack Creation: Create tech packs in less than a minute with ngnINE's innovative features. One of its unique functionalities is the multi-page Illustrator drag-and-drop capability. No more exporting or screen capturing; ngnINE stores your Illustrator sketches directly in the platform and generates high-quality tech packs in Excel and PDF formats.

  6. Simultaneous Collaboration: Multiple team members can work on a style simultaneously without the risk of overriding each other's work. ngnINE ensures seamless collaboration by allowing you to assign factories to individual styles or collections, facilitating efficient teamwork.

  7. Comprehensive Color Standards: ngnINE comes pre-loaded with 5000 Pantone Textile color standards and YKK zipper color standards, providing a comprehensive palette and ensuring color consistency throughout your designs.

Supercharge your product engine with some more serious benefits:

Here are more benefits of using ngnINE for your apparel development. Come to think of it though ... how much is peace of mind worth to you? How much a good night sleep? How important is it that your team can work remotely? How much do you want your team to focus on brilliant workmanship and excellent fit vs. updating spreadsheets and avoiding human error?

Speed to Market

  • Reduce Prototype review turn time

  • Share style info with factories in one collaborative, secure workspace

  • Fit photo sync through mobile app integration

  • Streamline product information

  • Quick on-boarding

Cost Saving

  • PDM for less

  • Avoid development and production errors

  • Avoid production delays through transparency and accurate information

  • Transparent workspace helps identify potential errors before they occur

  • Time saves money


  • Retain top talent

  • Eliminate repetitive data entry work

  • Minimize style specific email communication

  • Focus on product engineering

  • Harness the power of technology for apparel

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

The devil is in the details: Beautifully Organized

  • BOM, Specs, Tech Sketches in one single space

  • Collaborate with factories where the data lives

  • Simultaneous multiple user editing without saving over each others work or loosing data

  • Current Tech Packs without manual update

  • Excel and pdf download

  • Tech Pack history always accessible

  • Work flow collection status overview

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

Material Database

  • Easy Database management

  • Track fabrics, trims, labeling and packaging separately

  • Query material database through 'where used' reports

  • Track Lab dip status

  • Excel download

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

  • Private, secure workspace

  • No software download and installation necessary

  • Updates and feature adds included in subscription

  • Free iPhone app for seamless integration

  • Product data accessible on the go

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

  • Comes fully loaded withPantone Fashion + Home color standards

  • YKK zipper tape color standard integration

  • Up to three color positions for multi colored trims

  • Assign collection specific color names

  • Automatic color BOM sync in case of color names change

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

  • Block database

  • Pre-set measurement tables

  • Grade rules and tolerance integration

  • Speed up devolopment process

  • Improve fit consistency

Fashion design & development tech pack example
Fashion design & development tech pack example

  • Carry over styles

  • Create style versions

  • Create new styles based on existing ones.

  • Transfer colors into seasonal color palettes

Fashion design & development mobile app
Fashion design & development mobile app

  • Real-time photo sync within style

  • Mark up and comment in app

  • Product data accessible on the go

  • Update measurements on app

Unlock Exclusive Benefits for ifd Connect Members! As an ifd Connect member, you can take advantage of a special offer. By joining ngnINE, you'll receive a 10% discount on the platform. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your product creation process while saving money.

To learn more about ngnINE and how it can transform your apparel product creation, join in a live demo to see it is action

RSVP for the demo here:

Take the first step towards efficiency, collaboration, and innovation with ngnINE today!

In Conclusion: ngnINE is the ultimate product creation platform for the apparel industry. Its laser focus on product creation and development, intuitive interface, powerful databases, rapid tech pack creation, and enhanced collaboration capabilities make it a game-changer for independent designers, start-ups, small businesses, and corporations. Don't forget to visit the link.

Become and ifd Insider today with ifd Connect. More info here


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