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Looking for Gift Ideas for the beginning Crafter?

Updated: Jan 26

Lately, the DIY and crafting scene is taking off! Working with your hands and immersing yourself in something creative is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Whether looking for a new hobby or to dabble in something you haven’t tried before, these simple kits and basic items are a great way to get started and make great gifts for someone who could you a little me time!

Bracelet Box Kit Craft Crush created the perfect DIY bracelet kit for anyone wanting to make their own custom jewelry with sustainable products and their unique taste. This kit includes all the tools to make eight custom bracelets and either a Blush, Earth, or Coral & Gold Tone option.

Benote Diamond Painting Pen and Tool Kits The Benote store on Amazon launched a new and improved diamond painting package including their LEF Diamond panting pen, Magic tool pen, Fix tools and more. Create beautiful diamond paintings and designs on your clothing or a blank canvas with either their Small Kits or Style-2 options.

Natural Fabric Dye Indigo Dye Kit Honey Oak launched an Indigo Dye kit that is eco-friendly and all natural dyes with the ability to protect you from UV rays in summer. This sustainable kit includes three natural dye powders, two aprons, three clothing dyes, and more.

Louise Maelys 4 Pack Embroidery Starter Kit Louise Maelys has four beginner floral embroidery patterns with hoops, embroidery cloth and needles, color threads, and instructions that are easy to follow. The kit itself can be given as a gift or the finished pattern can be put on throw pillows, wall décor, pictures, added to a garment, and more.

Crochet Kit with Yarn Set

This set created by J MARK is the perfect start for a crocheting beginner. Including an E-Book, 24 Arylic Crochet Yarn Balls, nine crochet hooks, 6 plastic weaving needles, 10 locking stitch markers and more. The kit also comes with reusable bags to store your tools and yarn safely between uses.

Portable Sewing Machine This portable, easy to use sewing machine is perfect for beginners wanting to start creating their own clothing. 2-speed, 12 built in stitches, sews zippers & buttons. With a built in LED light, this lightweight machine is perfect for the beginner and casual sewer.

Macrame Craft Kit Cozyside Store’s DIY Macrama Craft kit is the perfect gift or kit to make personalized gifts for the upcoming holidays. This kit includes three projects: wall macramé, macrame plant hanger, and keychain with video tutorials and a step by step book to make this a simple and fun craft.

Looking for more gift ideas? Check out our suggestions for the aspiring entrepreneur & small business owner, & the fashion conscious and book lover.


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