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Mission Driven Ethical Fashion Brand Bebe Ravi

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Bebe Ravi is so much more than an ethical brand. Founder and CEO, Siamanda Chege, returned to her homeland of Kenya and immediately felt compelled to give back. She founded Bebe Ravi, whose mission is to provide jobs and job training within the apparel and home industries.

Currently, Bebe Ravi employs 50-100 women in Nakuru, Kenya – an area with unemployment rates as high as 40%. Many of the women have been widowed by the AIDS epidemic

Not only does Bebe Ravi provide significant impact to their community by providing jobs for women, but increases chances of success for their children and generations to come. Siamanda’s drive, generosity and brilliance has provided a sustainable strategy to elevate talent inside these deeply impoverished and disadvantaged communities.

Siamanda personally designs the Bebe Ravi collection, and upholds high levels of standards for with whom she works. Her meticulously hand-crafted collection also benefits the Patrick Chege Memorial Orphanage, which provides food, shelter, and an incredibly long list of other services to over 25 Kenyan children.

Siamanda’s approach, process, endless heart and focus are the essence of what we consider to be ethical fashion. The impact of her work is thoughtful, impactful, and admirable.

Shop Bebe Ravi in person at the Ethical Fashion Festival taking place December 14-19th at Kat + Maouche in old historic Chinatown Portland. Open 12-7 T-S, 12-5 Sunday.

Shop for Bebei Ravi online at:


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