Objects with Meaning: Meet our Ethical Fashion Featured Brand Alter!

Updated: Apr 14

IFD is excited to share the story of Alter- not only is Alter the namesake brand, but they represent makers all over North America. Read on to learn about this amazing collection of ethical makers and the values behind this collective.

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What is Alter?

Located inside the eclectic and vibrant Cargo in Portland, Oregon, Altar is a gorgeous collection of handmade artists. Altar celebrates independent manufacturers and artists from across North America.

But the vendors at Altar are chosen not just for their production location. The founders of Altar have a strong sense of narrative, purpose, and creativity. They use the phrase “objects with meaning” when describing their ideal products.

Another line of ethical approach in their business model revolves around their clothing brand, Altar Houseline. Not only is this inspiring line (think desert colors, modern art, florals and filigrees) made in America, it’s also made from deadstock materials. If that’s not enough, let’s add in another important layer of cultural accessibility- their sizes range from small up to 6XL.

Cassie Ridgway, the founder and designer of the Altar Houseline, is also developing curriculum for at-risk students in apparel design and brand development.

We thank Alter for sharing in-depth, inside information about your company- setting a great example of fashion for good!

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