Ethical Fashion Festival Designer: Slow fashion…buy with conscience, choose well, make it last.

Updated: Apr 14

Hello! Todays featured designer is Alejandra Oyervides and her brand Ale-O! I have had the pleasure of seeing her collections shown on the runway a few times now, including her latest show “Two Souls” that took place right here in Portland this past Friday night.

Alejandro, originally from Mexico, has made her way to Portland, OR, where she has set up her shop and her home. As a designer, she focuses on slow fashion and uses all natural materials such as linen and hemp in her garments. Her design philosophy is to create timeless pieces, often made to order.

Ale says; “slow fashion becomes a movement that is crucial for the fashion industry, that leaves a lighter footprint for generations to come. As awareness increases, the planet and all its inhabitants are set to benefit from this slower and more considered approach to fashion and AleO for sure is commitment with this.”

IFD: How did you end up in Portland?

I am from Monterrey, Mexico, and came here to study the language, art, and fashion. Portland captures my heart with all its beautiful nature scenes, its friendly people, and how conscious people are about to care our planet.

IFD:What is your design training?

I took some basic sewing classes when I was young, but I consider myself self-thought. I started my accessories and clothing line without any formal education, ideas how to make stuff came from my dreams, but it took so long to get the result I was aiming for, so I decided to take classes at the Portland Fashion Institute.

IFD: What is the meaning of “two souls” for your latest collection?

The Two Souls Collection:

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.” Plato, The Symposium

Alejandra Oyervides has explored the duality of genderlessness to bring forth The Two Souls Collection; a collection that embraces the separated parts of our all-to-often gendered fashion industry and to imbue the wearer with the power that Zeus himself feared.

The designer’s approach to this collection not only makes room for the inclusion of both male and female forms, but also of the four elements found in each season. With a palette of subdued colour’s each of the four looks can fit seamlessly into winter, spring, summer or fall while still dominating with layers that build their own landscapes.

IFD: Could you tell us a bit a about your accessories? They are a big part of your work:

I am a big fan of recycled materials. I am always searching for that unique piece that can be transformed into a statement accessory to add a beautiful touch to your look. Geometrical pieces are my favorites.

Slow fashion…buy with conscience, choose well, make it last.

It’s time to leave fast fashion behind: with one-of-a-kind designs, luxe-feeling fabrics, and the assurance you’re dollars are supporting a more responsible fashion industry, slow fashion is sure to win you over.

Put simply, slow fashion belongs to sustainable fashion sphere. It encompasses an awareness and approach to fashion that considers the processes and resources required to make clothing. It advocates for buying better-quality garments that will last longer, and values fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet along the way.

Looking for slow fashion? Here is Ales list of what makes a slow fashion brand:

  1. Made from high quality, sustainable materials like linen

  2. Garments are more timeless than trend

  3. Often sold in smaller (local) stores rather than huge chain enterprises

  4. Locally sourced, produced, and sold garments

  5. Few, specific styles per collection, which are released twice or maximum three times per year, or a permanent seasonless collection

  6. Often made-to-order to reduce unnecessary production

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