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High vibrational clothing for conscious women. Meet Ethically made brand Koryphae

Updated: Mar 8

The Story:

Koryphae was conceived in Portland, OR in the fall of 2020 by Daniela Caine with the intention to create pieces made to the highest ethical and sustainability standards possible.

A vision based on the idea of harnessing the power of apparel, using it as a vehicle for women’s empowerment and force for good in the world.

Koryphae uses naturally bio-degradable materials, predominantly woven on handlooms, fabrics with inherently higher frequencies that help support our well-being.

Each garment has a reason for being and we are holding ourselves to the principle of “Less is More”, which directs us to create more space for what truly matters. Each garment is designed with an eye for versatility, wearability, longevity, comfort, and style. West-coast casual influences and Bauhaus Minimalist roots inform the pieces.

Koryphae Founder Daniela Caine

Read Daniela's journal to gain more insights into her personal journey

I love Daniela's philosophy around her designs, her materials, and her purpose for this collection, Here she talks about the materials which are a key component of the brand:

Our Materials:

We are designing our clothing with intention and care and prioritize natural, recycled, and organic fibers. We don’t use petroleum-derived synthetics, fur, or wool from mulesed sheep. We design with the end in mind, meaning that once our garments are no longer in the wear cycle, they will bio-degrade with a few minor adjustments. The majority of our fabrics are woven on hand looms by artisan communities preserving indigenous traditions and skills handed down for generations.


Made from the Flax plant, Linen is a sustainable fiber and a cornerstone of the brand. Flax is usually grown without pesticides and herbicides and requires far less water than cotton to grow, and far less energy than polyester to produce. Linen is a luxury fiber that can easily transition between seasons. It is thermoregulating and gets softer with each wash and wear. Linen is also one of the fibers with the highest frequencies – 5000- and can therefore aid in the wearer’s well-being.

Cotton + org. Cotton

We choose both, certified organic cotton and uncertified cotton. Our partners in India work with small farmers who are using traditional cotton growing methods without the use of pesticides or herbicides and very little water as they are working with pests and herbs to cultivate biodiverse, nutrient-rich soil. Some farmers choose to pay for certifications, some don’t.

Some of Danielas Inspirations

To learn more about Koryphae visit:


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