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Whats the Best way to Shop this Holiday Seaon?? Gifts With Purpose

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Hello! Are you as excited as I am for the holiday season? I love the preparations & anticipation of the upcoming holidays- A few of my favorite things are cooler temperatures (I am from MN after all) digging out holiday decorations, making a list of all the goodies I plan to bake, and finding that perfect gift for the loved ones in my life.

I also love to wrap time-consuming it can be, I enjoy the process of choosing the paper, and dressing it up with ribbons and bows....and the best part? Watching the recipient's face light up with a smile when they open it.

So when start thinking about shopping for those special someones, i have to ask...what's up with Black Friday??? In the not-too-distant past, Black Friday was literally on one day, the Friday, after Thanksgiving. Now as Black Friday goes beyond a one-day sale, it's getting harder and harder to avoid the temptations of all those bargains! So, in my quest to avoid the hype and to shop with purpose, l will proceed with caution, and remind myself that I am now more than ever, on a mission to spend my money on brands with purpose. I look for brands that are transparent in their methods, ethical, sustainable, and make a social impact. By supporting them, I am supporting their cause which makes me feel good about where I'm spending my money....and I can avoid the mad rush of the mall and shop from home in my jammies!

As a long-time fashion industry working professional, I'm excited to see wonderful brand stories & new processes emerging within the fashion industry. It brings a smile to my face when I discover a brand doing something for good....such as compostable undies!! (yes, you can plant them....more on that below).

So instead of facing the mob of Black Friday holiday shoppers at the mall, put on your favorite sweats & fuzzy socks, kick back and enjoy reading through this list of brands with purpose, while you sip your favorite flavored latte or a hot cup of cocoa. You can shop consciously this holiday season and will feel good when you know your purchase is making an impact! Oh, and dont forget to put on a you-tube holiday ambiance channel.

Favorite Purpose Driven Ethical Brands

Check back often as this list is updated as we discover more favorites


Their Purpose:

"Aday is designed to be "ridiculously versatile" (Forbes). People wear it at home, on planes, on honeymoons, to the dog park, to office meetings, and on afternoon naps. 83% of women say wearing Aday on repeat has changed the way they shop. Your wardrobe can gift you time, energy, and joy. Bestsellers on sale, for the first time ever". Check out the bestsellers.

Adays Philosophy:

"Discovering and developing long-lasting, low-impact fabrics

Our goal is to continue discovering and developing fabrics that are long-lasting, super comfortable, and have the lowest impact on our planet. When sourcing fabrics, we focus on sustainable, and long-lasting fabrics such as recycled, regenerated, biodegradable and bio-based fibers, renewable fabric manufacturing, eco-friendly dyeing and finishing, and innovative performance properties". "We are early adopters of more sustainably-made fabrics, especially replacing virgin fibers with recycled ones at equal or superior quality. In fact, 77% of our styles are made from recycled, regenerated and natural materials".

Impacting our community

"We’re a small team, with ~90% female and ~40% BIPOC members, as well as LGBTQ+ and disabled team representation. Committed to celebrating diversity and having the tough conversations, we actively seek to recruit diverse candidates and conduct re-learning sessions to review controversial topics. We respect and honor differences in gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views". From


Their Purpose:


"Being good to Mother Earth is always in style. Here at Current Air, we’re committed to our vision of creating standout contemporary apparel while taking action toward reducing our impact on the environment.

We’ve implemented a number of green initiatives in order to reduce waste and are proud to continually invest in smart and innovative solutions for long-term sustainability. Not only are we proactively testing and sourcing the highest-quality recycled fabrics, we have also been working to replace all packaging and shipping materials in favor of recycled products. As of September 15, 2021, we are happy to announce we have reached our goal to fully convert to 100% recycled & biodegradable material".

Human Rights:

"Our dedication to a healthy planet includes doing our part in building a thriving global community. We’ve formed close partnerships with ethical overseas factories that comply with fair labor and wages to ensure the health, safety, and quality of life for workers".

Local Outreach:

"Current Air is dedicated to being an ally to the community. We support the East Los Angeles Women’s Shelter through clothing donations, an initiative we began in December 2020. We’re proud to back their mission as they advocate for and empower survivors of sexual and domestic violence, intimate partner abuse, and homelessness. Together we can use our resources to create positive change.

We’re big believers in the importance of giving back. In recent years, we’ve been supporting our neighbors in our hometown of Los Angeles by purchasing and distributing more than 500 sleeping bags to those in need—an effort we plan to continue and expand upon each year.

Additionally, we donate a portion of sales proceeds from our annual sample sales to local and global nonprofit organizations, including those dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by natural disasters such as the 2017 Mexico City earthquake and the 2021 California wildfires".

Corporate Philoshophy:

"Our commitment to giving back extends beyond the neighborhood around us. We all have a part to play as members of the global community. In March of 2022, with the unfolding of the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we contributed a monetary donation to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, in order to help support those displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict. Current Air is proud to endorse UNHCR’s mission of providing essential aid to Ukrainian refugees. This cause holds a special place in our heart, as our Head Designer has spent a substantial amount of time doing volunteer work in Odessa, Ukraine. It’s our hope that we can expand awareness of UNHCR and the crucial assistance they provide to populations in need". From


Black Friday, small business style! BOGO50 on all jewelry and denim. Code "BF50"

Their Purpose:

"Style with regard to humans, the environment, and animals. This is our first year creating an impact report and our purpose is to be as transparent as we can and share this report to everyone and anyone interested in reading about what we do.

Socially Responsible. We believe the actions of one impact us all. Consideration for our planet, our impact on it, and how we can continue to do better is a priority at Mary Rose.

Sustainable Fabrics We have worked to bring in items that are made ethically and environmentally aware. The product lines that we choose to carry are focused on slow fashion, with regard to humans, the environment, and animals. The fabric of our pieces reflects this value.

aEthically Sourced The brands Mary Rose works with have been researched thoroughly. We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of each person that comes in contact with our pieces". From



Their Purpose:

"We believe that what you wear impacts your wellness, and how clothes are made changes the earth we walk on, and the air we breathe. Here's a deeper look at our sustainability practices".

Our 8 Facets of Sustainable Style:

Organic & Sustainable Fiber "We choose fibers, like organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell, because we care about human health and keeping microplastics out of our ocean ecosystems". Regenerative & Biodynamic Farming "Our organic farm project is the heartbeat of YesAnd. By using regenerative and biodynamic farming techniques, we can restore depleted soil so that it traps carbon and fights global warming". Accountability "We certify our products to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to ensure our products are sustainable from seed to skin. That includes using low impact dyes that save water and resources". Women's Empowerment & Fair Trade "We are committed to fair wages, empowering female farmers, sustaining their local communities, and no child labor. Over half of our workers are women, so our choices impact them most". Every Purchase Plants A Tree "We offset some of our carbon impact by planting mangrove trees, the best and most efficient variety of tree for climate change mitigation. We are aiming to be a Carbon Net Zero company by 11/11/22!" Circularity "YesAnd style is built to last, with longevity and quality central to our design process. We partner with fashion rental site Wardrobe to keep YesAnd in the system longer. Plus, we are finding other ways to give fashion a second chance"

Traceability "We’re working to track each of our product’s origins -- from seed to skin, using blockchain technology. Scan the QR code sewn into your favorite YesAnd styles".

Innovation "We’re at the forefront of the newest fiber technologies. In fact, we’re the first fashion brand to develop and market GOTS-certified organic velour products. We partner with other innovative fiber companies, like TENCEL™ Lyocell to achieve irresistibly soft and sustainable fabrics". From


Meaning of Koryphae:

"Koryphae comes from ancient Greek and means Expert, Genius, Luminary, or Mastermind. In the German-speaking world, it describes someone who has achieved mastery in their field. Mastery requires dedication and care. Our partners revere what they do and pour their love into it. And the ultimate mastery? It's the final frontier: Mastering oneself".

Their Purpose:

"Koryphae was launched in Portland, OR in 2022 by Daniela Caine with the intention to create pieces made to the highest ethical and sustainability standards possible. A vision based on the idea of harnessing the power of apparel, using it as a vehicle for women's empowerment and force for good in the world. We use naturally bio-degradable materials, predominantly woven on handlooms, fabrics with inherently higher frequencies that help support our well-being. Each garment has a reason for being and we are holding ourselves to the principle of "Less is More", which directs us to create more space for what truly matters. Each garment is designed with an eye for versatility, wearability, longevity, comfort, and style. Our pieces are informed by West-coast causal influences and Bauhaus Minimalist roots". From


Their Purpose:

"Fair Trade mission: Malia Designs was formed to increase economic opportunity for women in Cambodia and to support organizations that fight human trafficking in Southeast Asia. Our fair trade fashion products are made by small social enterprises that employ talented artisans in Cambodia. Through these partnerships we connect makers to Western markets, expanding their access to sustainable income and safe and dignified working conditions.

Malia Designs also strives to assist survivors of human trafficking by donating to organizations working to fight trafficking in Cambodia and the US. Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry affecting millions of people every year. We believe that one way to counteract this global issue is to increase access to economic opportunity in the most affected areas". From


Their Purpose:

Four Pillars Together To Advance Women and Girls Globally:

  • Democratizing Design

  • Social Impact

  • Ethical Production

  • Sustainability

"At Marcella, we’ve innovated a "just-in-time" production process that allows us to continually restock inventory throughout the year. This dynamic production approach allows us to sell over 99% of what we make, dramatically lessening Marcella's (and you're) ecological footprint.

Eco-Friendly Materials

We are continually researching and incorporating ever more sustainable fabrics, materials, and packaging. Wherever and whenever possible, we are working to improve. Because of this commitment, for example, all Marcella packaging is now biodegradable and we've switched to sustainable tencel-based European jersey.

According to UNESCO estimates, 132 million girls between the age of 6 and 17 are out of school globally. 15 million girls of primary-school age will never enter a classroom. Half of those girls live in sub-Saharan Africa.

The School Days Project

One design, three school days.

We partner with the global NGO CAMFED to support girls in sub-Saharan Africa - a region where poverty excludes millions from education - to go to school, learn, thrive, and lead". From


Their Purpose:

"Years after we became friends while working together at a New York-based luxury brand, a Skype call between Karen in New York and Angela in New Delhi turned into a long conversation reimagining what it means to be a fashion brand in a time of global awareness and environmental consciousness. After decades in the industry, we felt it was time to make some changes. Our way? Beautiful wardrobe staples at attainable price points sourced from a clean supply chain. With this vision in mind, we took the best of what we’ve learned during our 30+ years in the industry and applied it to a forward-thinking business model that aligned with our ideal of creating a more sustainable and equitable world"

Signature plant-based fabrics, sourced from sustainable and renewable natural resources and are naturally lightweight, breathable and washable. Satin TENCEL™: nearly 85% of our collection is made from this luxuriously soft and breathable textile, considered a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Derived from natural materials and responsibly manufactured using energy and water-conserving methods, TENCEL™ Modal fibers are extracted from naturally grown beech wood by an environmentally responsible integrated pulp-to-fiber process, which is self-sufficient in energy and recovers co-products from component parts of the wood. Soft, lightweight , breathable, and comfortable, this natural textile has an extremely smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully and lasts longer than cotton. Great for sensitive skin. Eco-Jersey: Sustainably sourced from 80% organic cotton and 20% SeaCell™, this knitwear capsule is manufactured in Portugal and holds GOTS+OEKO certifications. SeaCell™ is a luxurious silky fiber made from seaweed and eucalyptus fibers and is produced using an innovative closed loop production method with no chemicals released as waste.

100% Organic Cotton Flannel: Derived from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. This luxurious fabric is sourced in Portugal and manufactured in Lithuania. Ultra soft and washable, perfect for layering during fall and into winter.

Linen: One of the lowest-impact textiles on Earth, requiring only rainwater for harvesting. Our linen is incredibly soft, durable and is responsibly sourced and manufactured in Lithuania in a factory that uses only green energy since 2017. That means all of the power provided to their manufacturing area is only from renewable sources. In 2020 only, 171 tones of CO2 were prevented from entering the atmosphere. Additionally they hold OEKO-TEX 100 certifications.

100% Organic Cotton Flannel: Derived from GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. This luxurious fabric is sourced in Portugal and manufactured in Lithuania. Ultra soft and washable, perfect for layering during fall and into winter". From


pan・eros - (Ancient Greek) all・the love

Their Purpose:

"At Paneros, it’s extremely important to us to have a meaningful name that represents the heart of our brand. We can assure you that every aspect of our brand is handled with love and compassion - for the people we work with, for the planet, and for you - at the forefront of our minds. We hope to not only meet your ethical standards here but also aid you in making more conscious, informed decisions about the clothes you choose to purchase everywhere.⁠".

"According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, the fashion industry is the one of the most polluting industries in the world. Making fabric uses water, energy, chemicals, and other resources that most people don’t think about, or ever see. We're committed to our 5 Part Circularity Ethos: Choosing Smarter Fibers and Fabrics, Responsible Manufacturing, Quality over Quantity, Less Pollution and Less Waste. We're not shy about speaking up on the impacts of fashion on the environment. By supporting Paneros, you're supporting Mother Earth and making fashion more circular. And we know that truly Inclusive Sustainability doesn't end with the products, and must include all of the people involved". From



We all look for deals, there’s no shame in it. We run a few sales per year, and our biggest one of the year is coming next week: Forest-Friendly Friday. Their Purpose:

"For the 5th year in a row, we’re offering great discounts during ‘Black Friday’ weekend. The big difference is that we choose to donate a portion of that discount to our frontline environmental partners at S.O.S., who are protecting and restoring the rainforest in Sumatra with measurable results. How does it work? We mark down sustainable styles across the website, and on top of that, we donate 20% of all sales to S.O.S. This leads to thousands of dollars going directly to an environmental cause that needs everyone's support".

"We started TAMGA in 2014 while living in Dhaka, Bangladesh, working for the UN and different NGOs with an ambition to change the world. My fiancé Eric and I arrived shortly after a garment factory collapsed, claiming over a thousand lives and leaving a pile of fashionable clothing brands amidst the rubble. The injustice, and our role in it as consumers of these brands, became painfully clear. We started asking questions, learning about the industry, and visiting factories. We followed paths that simultaneously broke our hearts and inspired us to take action".

"Protecting Indonesia’s Endangered Rainforests

The biodiversity of Indonesia’s rainforests is among the planet’s highest; orangutans, tigers, elephants, and rhinos all call them home. Logging these rich forests for rayon fabric is having a long-term impact on the ecosystem that is hard to reverse. We’ve partnered with Canopy Style and the Sumatran Orangutan Society to protect these forests and develop solutions for a better future". From